What exactly is “Intown” Atlanta anyway? Well, it could be loosely defined as anything inside of the perimeter. However, our area of focus is more refined to the neighborhoods closer to the city center. Many people call this entire area “Midtown Atlanta”, but Midtown is actually just one of several neighborhoods in this area. Intown Atlanta real estate is brimming with character. In these diverse neighborhoods, you’ll find that virtually no two houses are the same.

You’ll see beautifully-restored Victorian and Tudor Revivals, traditional Georgians and charming Craftsman Bungalows throughout the area. Juxtaposed to all this history, you’ll also find stunning examples of contemporary architecture. In addition to the various styles of single family homes in the area, you’ll find a wide selection of condos for sale. From high-rise Midtown condos to authentic lofts, to mid-rise condos and townhomes scattered throughout several Intown Atlanta neighborhoods, there’s something for everybody.